MCU Holdings adapts to consumer needs in our rapidly changing marketplace through a proven combination of people and technology. This combination helps our third-party collection company deliver best-in-class service for our creditor clients and their customers. In our ever-changing world, we respond to customer needs and create flexible solutions across multiple channels.  

Listening to Consumer Feedback

MCU Holdings puts customer service at the heart of everything we do and we strive to maintain our human touch in today’s digital landscape. Consumers have more choices than ever before, and we are committed to understanding and acknowledging their needs. We listen to feedback and seek ways to further engage with consumers through social media, forums, and review sites. Our professional collection representatives deliver messaging the way each unique consumer prefers to communicate. We aim to offer the same personalized, human interaction and the same quality services through multiple formats.

Our team provides the perfect balance of performance and compliance through exceptional customer experiences. Consumer confidence in our company is demonstrated by organizations such as the Better Business Bureau. MCU Holdings is rated an A+ by the BBB, securing our reputation as a trustworthy business in the marketplace.

Communicating with Our Customers

Our receivables professionals leverage technology and innovation to transform client-facing digital environments and pivot with changing compliance laws and regulations. We seize every opportunity to open new channels to facilitate a shift to a more digital lifestyle. We leverage social media to rapidly deliver information and implement new options, like a payment portal on our website to facilitate easy payments. This technology helps provide value to customers, faster and in a secure, reliable manner.

Each interaction and every experience are important to us and we use our social media platforms to help solve problems and link to reliable information. We leverage omnichannel communications to keep information flowing efficiently by encouraging consumers to follow MCU Holdings on Facebook, subscribe to our YouTube channel, and connect with MCU Holdings on LinkedIn. Upon account holder request via our website, communications can even be sent and received via email. This method offers consumers the ability to respond during non-traditional office hours, quickly transfer secure documents, and streamline their preferred process as they work toward financial independence.

Focus on People Development

Our leadership is aware that frontline employees often handle a customer’s frustration and by providing our team with additional training and resources, employee development programs at MCU Holdings are designed to help our team build core skill sets including industry knowledge, system expertise, and relationship management. These tools allow our team to create tailored, personalized experiences for our customers. Training and resources help keep our team compliant in a fast-paced and rapidly changing world, providing customers the best options to resolve debt and giving clients confidence in our expertise. 

Our team of receivables professionals is dedicated to not only their work but also our community. We often highlight our corporate social responsibility and charitable giving initiatives on Facebook. We are passionate about our corporate culture, values, and creating a great team of people. MCU Holdings attracts high-performing talent by offering benefits like education and industry affiliation and list job openings on the Careers page of our website.

Delivering Results Through Exceptional Customer Experiences

Alan Malke, Managing Partner at MCU Holdings, says that “MCU Holdings is excited to find new and compliant ways to deliver better, faster, and more efficient customer service. We’re excited to have a forward-thinking team that is ready to explore new solutions and create a better experience for themselves, their peers, and our customers. We are dedicated to giving our team the best tools and the support they need to lead positive change within the organization and improve the lives of each customer we interact with.”  

We find success in a new and changing world by overcoming obstacles to provide consumer-friendly business interactions. To learn more about MCU Holdings, please visit our website.

About MCU Holdings

MCU Holdings is a third-party collection company that prioritizes helping consumers get in good standing with their creditors. MCU prides itself on being respectful and compliant to all of the aspects of the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act. Through innovations in the tech world, we are able to help all of our clients excel in reaching the consumers. For more information or to contact us, please visit or call us at (866)-432-3368.