MCU Holdings understands that there are a number of reasons that consumers may fall behind on their payments. To help strengthen financial literacy and make more informed financial decisions, we have compiled helpful resources and tools that can assist consumers on the road to financial recovery. Our representatives are also available to help by answering questions and providing options for resolving outstanding accounts.

Make A Payment to MCU Holdings

We accept payments online, over the phone or by mail. We invite you to visit our Payments page or to call our representatives at 844-256-4266 for more information about making a payment or establishing a payment plan. Our business hours are Monday–Thursday, 9:00 AM–4:00 PM Eastern Time, and Friday 9:00 AM–2:30 PM Eastern Time.


This consumer financial literacy resource provided by Receivables Management Association International RMAI offers a great mix of tools and education links to assist with financial education and planning. Learn about saving and budgeting, credit scores, and much more through interactive modules.


Ask Doctor Debt

This resource for consumers with questions about paying debts is offered by ACA International. Read through actual questions asked by consumers and the answers from professional debt collectors. Consumers can learn about their rights, what debt collectors can and cannot do, the applicable laws and much more.


This resource provided by the federal Financial Literacy & Education Commission offers great information for consumers about the basics of money, credit, borrowing, investing and more. The MyMoney Five program offers great foundational information about money for consumers of all ages.


Complaint Resolution

We take consumer feedback seriously and want to know about your experience while working with our team. We invite you to contact our compliance team to tell us about your experience. Your feedback helps us to provide the most relevant training to our staff and ensure that we maintain our high standards of service. To share your feedback, please contact:

Daniel Schindler

Make a Payment

Visit our online payment portal to resolve your account online using a credit card or check.

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