MCU Holdings offers professional debt collection services for third-party creditors. Our team is focused on providing strong financial performance while offering the best possible experience for consumers. Through our proven combination of people and technology, we achieve a balance of performance and compliance that delivers best-in-class service for our creditor clients.

Our success stems from investing in the development of our people. Compliant debt collection is an art and our employee development programs are designed to help our team build core skill sets including industry knowledge, system expertise, and relationship management. We understand that by giving our team the tools and knowledge they need to feel empowered, we build stronger consumer relationships and increase consumer satisfaction.

We excel at debt collection
because we invest in developing our people.

A Focus On Compliance

Compliance is a major focus of our company and we invest in our training, testing ,and continuing education programs. We continually strive to stay on the cutting edge of the receivables management industry as members of ACA International. Our experienced executive management team is active in the receivables management marketplace and implements industry best practices to keep us focused on compliance.

MCU Holdings Customer Service

We are proud to provide our creditor partners and consumers with customer service that exceeds expectations. Our team employs a consistently respectful approach when working with consumers. We care about creating a helpful and positive experience throughout each interaction and strive to develop relationships that lead to the resolution of outstanding account balances. We take our role as the intermediary between creditors and consumers very seriously and make every effort to create a positive customer experience for each consumer.

Get Help with Your Past Due Accounts

Let us help you with collecting past due accounts owed to your business. We are experts in debt collection and can help to develop a program specific to your needs.

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