MCU Holdings finds new ways to connect with consumers to deliver a seamless and positive experience during the account resolution process. We leverage omnichannel communications to keep information flowing efficiently. Our ability to harness these various digital platforms helps us meet consumer needs based on their preferences.

Acknowledging Consumer Needs

MCU Holdings puts customer service at the heart of everything we do, and we strive to interact with each person as an individual rather than just another call. We provide personalized service with more modern, intuitive, and user-friendly communication options. Today, consumers have more power and choices than ever, and we are committed to understanding and acknowledging their needs. We strive to always maintain our human touch, even in today’s digital landscape.

Consumer Communication Preferences

Our professional collection representatives deliver messaging the way each unique consumer prefers to communicate. We aim to offer the same personalized human interaction and the same quality services through multiple formats. For example, MCU Holdings will communicate through email correspondence upon account holder request. Email offers consumers the ability to respond during non-traditional office hours, to quickly mail secure documents, and streamline their preferred process as they work toward financial independence.

MCU Holdings Delivers Best-In-Class Service

We readily and easily adapt to consumer requests and preferences to resolve their account via phone, through email, or online. We also maintain multiple online profiles so consumers can learn more about us, or stay up to date by subscribing to one of our social media channels. “We have found great success using digital tools. We develop our people and empower them to guide consumers and clients to account resolution by connecting with them in their preferred way. We provide our team the highest-quality training to ensure compliance with all pertinent rules and regulations that govern the collections industry, including those that outline how and when we can connect with consumers,” says Alan Malke, Managing Member, “MCU Holdings strives to provide a best-in-class experience and we achieve that by listening to what consumers are saying. We connect with them now more than ever and their feedback helps us develop ways to improve upon every experience.”

Omnichannel Consumer Engagement 

We listen to feedback and seek ways to further engage with consumers through social media, forums, and review sites. Each interaction and every experience is important to us and we use our social media platforms to help solve problems and link to reliable information. We encourage consumers to seek resources through our website as well as our Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, and YouTube channel. 

Today’s Technology Solutions 

MCU Holdings continuously implements solutions that enable customers to communicate, interact, and make payments with the least hassle possible. Cloud platforms that leverage communication channels and payment functionalities are leading the way in the Accounts Receivable Management industry and we seek to stay current with today’s technology and innovative solutions to the way we do business now and in years to come.  

About MCU Holdings

MCU Holdings is a professional third-party debt collection company providing customized debt collection programs for creditor businesses and best-in-class experiences for consumers. Our main headquarters is located in Coral Springs, FL.