As part of MCU Holdings’ corporate charitable giving, a donation has been made to Stop Abuse, a nonprofit organization that teaches children how to recognize child sexual abuse (CSA) and feel empowered to speak up if they are being touched or approached in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable.

Stop Abuse teaches children through song and dialogue with a marionette named Simon. Simon is a relatable, cute green character who empowers children to use their intuition to advocate for themselves, protect their own bodies, and prevent sexual abuse. Charitable donations help to continue the programs and services that assist Stop Abuse in their efforts to eliminate CSA from every community by raising public awareness through media engagements, community events, informal campaigns, educational programs like Stop Abuse, and legislative action.

“Our children are our future. The MCU Holdings team whole-heartedly supports Stop Abuse and the tremendous work they are doing to teach children how to advocate for themselves and prevent the unimaginable suffering that the victims endure,” says Mark Fenzel, Managing Member.  “We recognize the critical role that charitable organizations such as Stop Abuse play in protecting the most vulnerable in our community and the support they require to help those most in need. Our team is proud to support Stop Abuse and their efforts to provide a safer and brighter future for all children.”

One in 4 girls and 1 in 7 boys experience sexual abuse at the hands of an adult before the age of 18. Known as “the silent epidemic,” victims of child sexual abuse often hide their suffering, remaining hidden and silent. In the United States, about 42 million people are living with a history of childhood sexual abuse. This is twice as many people as are living with cancer. Because people don’t like to talk about or hear about sexual abuse, the victims often feel shame and remain quiet, allowing predators to continue. Stop Abuse is actively working to dispel the myths surrounding perpetrators and CSA to halt the abuse before it even begins.

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About Stop Abuse

Formed in 1986, Stop Abuse is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing child sexual abuse through education, detection, and referral. The organization raises public awareness through media engagements, community events, informal campaigns, educational programs, and legislative action.

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